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Llanquihue Lake is the colonizers’ zone. Every ingredient tells us about the efforts made by German immigrants who, by the mid 1800's, started coming to these lands and mixing their European recipes with the crops they would grow with great difficulty. Today it is almost impossible to imagine Llanquihue Lake disconnected from a cup of hot cocoa and a “just baked” kuchen. Every family and town has its own formula to prepare the famous kuchen whose recipes have passed over

The archipelago’s rich diversity and the agricultural techniques kept for hundreds of years have even been acknowledged worldwide: Chiloé was pronounced one of the “World’s Agriculture Heritage of Creative Systems” (SIPAM) by FAO.  The 400 varieties of potato are the main ingredient on the list. Different preparations come from it, such as the chapalele, milcao, and chochoca. Another icon is the garlic from Chiloé, standing out not only for its great size, but also pleasing with its delicate and mild flavor.  Curanto in a hole is the most famous preparation from Chiloé, consisting of a mixture of fresh seafood (mussels, clams, piure,

Frutillar city is a dazzling southern gem including Osorno, Puntiaguado Volcanoes and Tronador Hill. We recommend walking along the German-stylized and clean streets surrounded by parks and well-preserved houses dating back to the 19th century. Philippi Street has restaurants, department stores, boutique hotels and tea salons offering the best German pastries in Chile. The Colonial Alemán museum tells you the story and the legacy of the German immigrants. Summer season is not only a time for food and history. Classic music,