Sitting by the sea

Sitting by the sea

Puerto Montt city is located in the heart of Reloncaví. The livelihood of the people is mainly dependent on salmon, trade, and tourism. Every year many international cruises dock here and then sail to enjoy the channels in Chiloé, Aysén and Magallanes.

Angelmó is a busy small cove that is full of life, markets and restaurants with beautiful views of Tenglo Island and Calbuco Volcano. Here you can buy seafood and Chiloé's many craftworks.

lt is impossible to take a trip to the city and not visit the larch-made cathedral, the Jesuit church, and the Diego Rivera Art House where the "International Seasonal Theatre" is conducted. ln the summer time Pelluco and Chinquihue beaches are fantastic places.

Puerto Montt is an interesting archeological place as well. Monte Verde has the oldest human remains in the world and dates back at least 14,000 years but there are not any type of modern facilities to appreciate this wonderful area. Calbuco Volcano and the sea are the hotspots in the city. If you want to reach the volcano, take the 7th route until the crossroad with V-65 route, the main connection between Puerto Montt and Correntoso town. The trip takes about 46km traveling along the Chamiza River. After passing through Correntoso, you must drive along the Blanco Rivers road.

The expedition takes about 6-10 hours. You do not need any special protection, but you have to respect the general advice given by the authorities.