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HMmmm !!!… I want a curanto! or maybe a Kuchen from Murta. If you have not tried these preparations, we invite you to look for them because they are representative of our gastronomic culture, which brings together fresh flavors grown in southern hands that invite you to live a delicious moment!

¡Los Lagos is Yours!

Activities you can’t miss!

Flavors of Europe

The German influence is breathed in every corner of the Llanquihue lake basin. Pastry and delicatessen are one of the best in Chile.

All prepared with old recipes, passed from generation to generation, and made with endemic, natural and abundant flavor products.

Don’t wait any longer, Los Lagos is Yours!

Smoked flavors

In these remote lands of the Los Lagos Region, the undisputed star is meat. And there are all kinds: beef, goat, lamb, wild boar, hare, deer, pig, etc.

Our region combines different techniques for roasts, barbecues or disc meat, which are marinated and flavored with different natural ingredients according to the commune in which they are cooked.

¡Los Lagos is Yours!

Flavors of Chiloé

Chilota gastronomy tells us about the wisdom of a people transmitted from generation to generation, which has been recognized worldwide. Sea and land are the main protagonists in the different dishes that enrich and differentiate their flavor from the rest of Chile.

A rich curanto al hoyo, the 400 varieties of potatoes, lamb and garlic chilote are just some of its main dishes and ingredients.

¡Los Lagos is Yours!

Export flavors

Sea and land embrace the different options of dishes available to taste. The prominence of fish, shellfish, meat is mixed with products wisely grown by the inhabitants of the region.

Be daring and taste the best of the region, Los Lagos is Yours!

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