Austral Highway Frontdoor

Austral Highway Frontdoor

Puerto Montt is the starting point to drive along the Austral Highway. On the way to La Arena Small Cove you are going to see coastal towns that organize traditional celebrations in the summer time called "the Tradition Route". The circuit begins in January and travels to towns like Piedra Azul, Quillaipe, Metri, Lenca, and La Arena Small Cove. Here you will find ferries that sail away to cross the Reloncaví estuary.

Adventure starts when you arrive to Hornopirén ( ln Contao you should take a detour on the V875 coastal road to arrive to Hualaihué. Although
it is a longer way,you are going to appreciate the sea and the lifestyle of the inhabitants and the Hualaihué Creek's Carpenters.

Some towns like Mañihueico, La Poza, Quidalco and Huadailhue have at least one shipyard where the wooden ship building tradition has been transferred from generation to generation.

From Hualaihue to Hornopirén, we recommend relaxing in the natural and wild Pichicolo Hot Springs that are located 9km before arriving to Hornopirén. Other hotpots are Cabrera Lake and the noisy Don Tato Waterfalls. Furthermore, on the way to Cholgo visitors are going to see beautiful landscapes.

The Hornopirén National Park is surrounded by the Yate and Hornopirén Volcanoes, the Negro River's basin and the unexplored Pinto Concha Lake where you can go camping freely on its peaceful beaches.