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Culture and heritage

We live the Culture and Heritage, our syncretic culture is so special because we see it reflected in its architectural works, in its gastronomic culture or in the idiosyncrasy of our peoples that open their doors to visit them and get soaked in the fiber that connects the culture , the heritage and you!

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Activities you can’t miss!

Church Routes

The route of the heritage Churches of the Chiloé archipelago includes 16 churches that were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2002. These true historical monuments are characterized by presenting a structure quite similar to each other, all in 100% cypress or coigüe wood constructions and are lined with larch roofs, as are many of the houses on the island of Chiloé.

A highly recommended route

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Lafken Mapu Lahual

Do you know the Lafken Mapu Lahual territory? (whose meaning in mapudungun is: sea and land of larches) is a marine and coastal protected area, located on the coastal edge of the communes of San Juan de la Costa, Río Negro and Purranque, of the Osorno Province. This place has an impressive biological and cultural wealth, as well as extraordinary landscapes.

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European legacy

The conquest of the shore of Lake Llanquihue was not easy. The indigenous legends tell of a malevolent Pillán responsible for the eruptions of the Osorno volcano. But nothing could stop the eagerness of the colonizers driven in the middle of the 19th century by Vicente Pérez Rosales and Bernardo Philippi.

Brave German immigrants traveled from Hamburg to make their way into the impenetrable Valdivian jungle, and from the beauties of the region, they decided to settle for the rest of their generations.

The presence of German culture is seen mainly in cities near Lake Llanquihue such as Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Octay and Osorno.

Discover the European legacy, Los Lagos is Yours!

Typical areas

Angelmó, Palafitos de Castro, Fuerte Ahui de Ancud, Teatro del Lago, Muelle de las Almas, to be honest, the region has too many wonderful areas that you can certainly not miss, we invite you to download our guide in the resources section for have more information.

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Tierra del Trauco, Pincoya, Caleuche and many other legends, wonderful land that gives natural resources to native people for the development of different artisanal activities, sheep wool fabrics, dyed with natural dyes such as our region are typical of our region onion, chard, chili peppers, beets and others. Famous woolen socks, chilotes caps and ponchos On the other hand, being a region with a large agricultural presence, it allows a production of cheeses and liquors based on milk that have a large number of enthusiasts

Los Lagos is Yours!

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