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In the Los Lagos region you can access different types of events that occur on different dates of the year, from traditional and gastronomic parties to sighting of native fauna.

You can’t miss it, Los Lagos is Yours!

Activities you can’t miss!

Traditional Festivals

The festivities take the summer in the Los Lagos region, local customs and traditions are the main ingredient of roasts, curantos, dances and folklore.

You cannot miss the Giant Curanto de Calbuco, the Great Costumbrista Festival of Castro, among others.

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Sport fishing

Fishing and relaxing in the Los Lagos region is an unmissable activity, we are a region that stands out for rivers and lakes to practice fly fishing among other modalities.

The recreational fishing season is between the months of September to May in most water courses. To know the specific dates we recommend you check the Sernapesca Recreational Fishing site

¡Los Lagos is Yours!

Wildlife sighting

We are one of the regions with a diversity in flora and fauna of Chile, from the mountains to the coast you can observe different types of native or wild animals.

Pumas, pudúes, monitos del monte, chucaos, seagulls, herons, swans, penguins and whales.

Between the months of november and march it is possible to see Blue Whales! In the Gulf of Corcovado, visit loberas and see the famous penguins of Puñihuil. Also you can not miss the bird watching on the Maullín river and the bird sanctuary of Caulín in Chiloé.

Los Lagos is Yours!

Cultural activities

In the Los Lagos region, thanks to its rich cultural diversity, it is possible to participate in different events that occur in certain seasons.

Do not miss the Temporales Teatrales in winter in the city of Puerto Montt, the musical weeks in the last week of January and the first week of February in the city of Frutillar, the beer festival in Puerto Octay during the month of January, between others.

Tour, learn and enjoy, Los Lagos is Yours!

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