Maullín, Religion and nature

Maullín, Religion and nature

Maullin is located 70km southwest of Puerto Montt. lt is one of the oldest cities in Chile and dates back to the 17th century. The most important icon is the 18th century church built according to the typical Chiloé design. Moreover, the area has wide beaches like Pangal with shorelines which are suitable for riding horses, walking or fishing in the sea.

The natural attraction is the Maullin River. Many towns like Lolcura, La Pasada, Lepihué and Quenuir were founded along the coastal line of the river and can be visited by boat or by going directly to Puerto Montt.

A secret long kept by fisherman this area is known for its rebel trout and the great biodiversity found here. The wetlands, which are priority areas, were declared worldwide preservation areas because more than 53% of Chilean birds are found in the area. If you enjoy taking pictures, this is a perfect place for birdwatching and photos.

Summertime is a great moment for the city because it is full of amazing activities. One of them is the Retro Music Festival and the Traditional Festival which is famous for its traditional food, dances, traditions and songs. Fantastic attractions to enjoy with the family.

However, the most important activity is the Catholic celebration named Virgen de la Candelaria de Carelmapu. The celebration attracts more than 20.000 people every year during the first days of February. The celebration starts when divers move the Saint Peter and the Candelaria Virgin Statue from the catholic temple to Carelmapu port ( and sail along with 30 boats. Close to Carelmapu, Mar Brava Beach is a paradise for surfers because of the intrepid water and delicious seafood.