Go around the Llanquihue Lake: 10 stops you need to make with the best of the South

Go around the Llanquihue Lake: 10 stops you need to make with the best of the South

So much to see, so much to capture; here, we give you the must-sees of the surroundings of the Lake; a more than recommended tour for travelers. 

A giant fountain of water, colossi that watch you from above, omnipresent nature, and unforgettable landscapes that will last forever. These are some of the images that will remain in the collective memory of those who come to visit the Llanquihue Lake.  

And the memory will be stronger, if you have the great idea of going around the Llanquihue Lake to soak up the best of the South. So much to see, so much to capture, that we give you 10 must-sees of the Llanquihue Lake tour, something that travelers must do.  

1. Puerto Varas

Defined by many visitors as one of the most beautiful cities in Chile; whoever comes here will know this is not an exaggeration. Puerto Varas pleases you because of its postcard setting, its resemblance to Swiss and German cities, its hotel infrastructure, its people, or the haven the Llanquihue Lake offers, which washes the shores of the city. All in a combination of factors that makes stopping in Puerto Varas a must. 

2. Petrohué Waterfalls

The Vicente Pérez Rosales Park has the Petrohué Waterfalls, one of its main attractions. These are some impressive waterfalls that impact you by the strength of their torrent and the great viewpoint locations, from where you can observe this show; a gift of nature. This view is complemented by clearly marked trails where it is possible to walk through the forests with ancient native species that flank pure and crystalline water courses. Simply, recommended.

3. Osorno Volcano

Climbing the Osorno Volcanomain colossus of the area is a great idea. Not only to enjoy skiing and the cozy infrastructure of the cabins, but also to discover, now from above, the magnificence of the Llanquihue. An evening with the sun setting in the horizon, with its glimmer of light saying goodbye to the lake, can be an image that one turns to every time you want to recall good memories.

4. Frutillar

Culture, nature, tradition. Frutillar surprises you by its magnificent Lake Theater, cultural signal of the South of Chile and protagonist of one successful symbiosis between modernity of current constructions and tradition of German heritage, all framed by the lake as a backdrop that completes a space you must visit. 

5. Volcanoes

As you go around the lake, you will never be alone. From the top, from above, a group of volcanoes will always be keeping you company. To the main one, the Osorno Volcano, another two are added, the Puntiagudo Volcano and the Tronador Volcano. All of them are silent giants that guard the treasure of nature that is the Llanquihue Lake.

6. Cuisine

Mixture of sea-land, local cuisine mixes rustic flavors with some other refined ones. From traditional preparations to other most sophisticated ones, from salmon and shellfish, to lamb and wild boar, all have their secured spot waiting for guests who want to discover why nature is not only generous with landscapes, but also the unmistakable tastes of what local products have to offer. 

7. German Onces

After travelling by a well-maintained road along the shore of the Lake for a long time, it is likely an appetite will make its appearance. And a good idea is to try Onces Alemanas (German-style teatime). True to the German tradition, tea rooms on the side of the road offer homemade bread, cheese, jams, kuchen, and pies, filled with typical flavors of a hundred-year-old tradition. A complete relief for your appetite.

8. Puerto Octay

Fishing, water sports, sailing, and plenty of nature the city offers; once one of the main ports by which the commerce of the lake flowed. Wooden German constructions have a special characteristic as they combine themselves with the chilote cut and give, as a whole, a very special seal to Puerto Octay.

9. Beaches

Surrounding the lake there are a number of beaches that are ideal to enjoy these waters and its environment. In the area between Puerto Varas and Ensenada, the beaches Niklitschek and Hermosa are among the favorites. Another alternative is Maiten Beach -9 km away from Puerto Octay-3 km long, minor slope, and fine sand. The beach of Las Cascadas adds to the offer, in addition to a number of places you are able to go to enjoy the lake.

10. Cascadas

Calm, quiet, and relaxation are characteristics that can be found here, at Cascadas, a well-kept secret that is located on the slopes of the Osorno Volcano and takes its name from attractive waterfalls that are worth discovering. It also offers black sand beaches, visited by those who look for some quiet time and disconnecting themselves. Cascadas is a very good destination for those who go around the lake by bicycle.