The jewel of the south of Chile

The jewel of the south of Chile

Frutillar city is a dazzling southern gem including Osorno, Puntiaguado Volcanoes and Tronador Hill. We recommend walking along the German-stylized and clean streets surrounded by parks and well-preserved houses dating back to the 19th century. Philippi Street has restaurants, department stores, boutique hotels and tea salons offering the best German pastries in Chile. The Colonial Alemán museum tells you the story and the legacy of the German immigrants.

Summer season is not only a time for food and history. Classic music, some jazz, and new tendencies are the best reasons for "Musical Weeks in Frutillar". The event is performed in the Teatro del Lago (Lake's Theatre) a colossal building which is strongly linked to the community.

The Llanquihue coastline' attractions can be seen from two roads: the first one is going south along Punta Larga and takes 12km until you are going to find a beautiful view, basic services, and fishing and water sports facilities. Before arriving to Llanquihue city, the Monument to the Settlers welcomes visitors and commemorates the foundation of the most important industrial city of the region in 1852.

Its attractions include the native wooden made sculptures given by artists who participate yearly in the International Sculpture Symposium. Additionally, we cannot forget the wide variety of salted meats and sausages that give prominence to the city.

The second way to see the city on the northern road is to arrive to Puerto Octay city. Driving 18km it is possible to get to Los Bajos, an old port. After that, Centinela Peninsula shows us a natural and fantastic icon of Chile: the Osorno Volcano.