Are you thinking about visiting Osorno - Puyehue?  Then you have come to the right place. Here is an amazing itinerary to help you plan your trip. 

Day 1: Osorno 

The city of Osorno was founded in 1558. It has different expressions of architectural heritage with buildings that date back to the 20th century, as is the case of different houses in the center of the city that were declared National Monuments. 

The main economic activities are agriculture and livestock farming, so events such as the Festival de la Leche y la Carne (Milk and Meat Festival), the Festival del Folclor Campesino (Country Folk Festival), and Osorno a fuego lento (Osorno on slow heat) stand out. 

What to visit: 

Chuyaca Park, located on the banks of the Damas River. This Pleistocene Park has life-size sculptures of prehistoric animals that inhabited this southern part of Chile approximately 12,500 years ago. 

Reina Luisa Fort, located on the banks of the Rahue River, is an attractive place, especially for history lovers. There is an exhibition hall with miniature models and life-size figures of historical Chilean figures. 

The Municipal Market has a wide variety of restaurants with typical food from our country and also craft shops with souvenirs for those travelers who always like to leave with a souvenir from the place they visit. 

Day 2: Puyehue 

47 km from Osorno, the name Puyehue has its origin in the Mapudungun "Puye", a river fish that lives in the Puyehue lake, and "We", which means place, so Puyehue is translated as "Place of puyes (fish)". 

Close to that place, along international route 215, you can find the Moncopulli Automobile Museum, which is the first museum of classic and antique cars in Chile with a collection of 140 vehicles, 70 of which are from the brand Studebaker. This collection is really important since it is the largest outside the United States. 

80 km from Osorno, following the route, we find the Puyehue National Park, where it is possible to enjoy nature and appreciate each one of its tourist attractions. 

In the Anticura sector, we can find several waterfalls such as: 

Salto del Indio 

Salto Repucura 

Salto de la Princesa 

Salto los Novios 

18 km from the Anticura sector, following the same international route 215, we will be able to enjoy the Puyehue Hot Springs, the first 5-star All-Inclusive complex in Chile. This hotel was built in 1937, a time when a whole new story which was growing began around this place, something which paved the way for the international category it now is with a variety of services, gastronomy, hot spring pools, and excursions. 


Day 3: 

Approximately 25 km from the Puyehue Hot Springs is located the Rupanco Lake, one of the major tourist destinations in the area, with deep blue waters, from where you can see the imposing Puntiagudo volcano and the surrounding nature present in the whole region with beautiful forests. In this lake, you will find Isla Cabras (Goat Island) and Isla de los Ciervos (Deer Island). In the latter you can see these animals from the boats. It is a great and beautiful experience. 

On the northern shore of this lake, in the Santa Elvira sector, is the Salto El Calzoncillo (waterfall), which is the highest in Chile with approximately 230 meters. It is a beautiful natural spectacle present in this area of Puyehue. 

In this sector, it is possible to start the expeditions to the Pantoja and Sarnoso hills, where you have the chance to enjoy panoramic views of the Rupanco Lake, Puyehue, Osorno volcano, and Puntiagudo. 

You should bear in mind that this Osorno-Puyehue route stands out for its hot springs and direct connection with history, nature, and heritage.  At the edge of Rupanco Lake, you will find the Rupanco Natural Hot Springs, where you have to dig yourself to enjoy these natural hot springs. You must even regulate the temperature as they reach 92°C, but this is certainly a pleasant experience full of adventure and you can get there by boat from Puerto el Buey. 

Autor: @nico.falegria

Nicolás Faúndez Alegría

Estudiante de TNS en Turismo, cursando actualmente el último semestre de la carrera. Amante de la naturaleza, viajes, fotografía y la música, guitarrista hace años y formando grupos musicales de distintos estilos. Con conocimientos en áreas de medio ambiente (No Deje Rastro y reciclaje). Motivado a desarrollar un completo desempeño en Turismo y compartir mis conocimientos con otras personas y lograr la concientización del cuidado y protección de los espacios naturales de nuestro país. Con interés en el turismo vitivinícola, ecoturismo, hotelería y el rescate del patrimonio cultural.