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So much to see, so much to capture; here, we give you the must-sees of the surroundings of the Lake; a more than recommended tour for travelers.  A giant fountain of water, colossi that watch you from above, omnipresent nature, and unforgettable landscapes that will last forever. These are some of the images that will remain in the collective memory of those who come to visit the Llanquihue Lake.   And the memory will be stronger, if you have the great idea of going around the Llanquihue Lake to soak up the

Llanquihue Lake is the colonizers’ zone. Every ingredient tells us about the efforts made by German immigrants who, by the mid 1800's, started coming to these lands and mixing their European recipes with the crops they would grow with great difficulty. Today it is almost impossible to imagine Llanquihue Lake disconnected from a cup of hot cocoa and a “just baked” kuchen. Every family and town has its own formula to prepare the famous kuchen whose recipes have passed over