Live the Mountain in winter too

Live the Mountain in winter too

In the foothills of Casablanca volcano, located in Puyehue National Park and only 98 km away from the city of Osorno, the winter resort of Antillanca - 1.015 meters above sea level - is a beautiful and cosy place to practice winter sports in the South of Chile.

Opened in 1951 by the Club Andino Osorno, Antillanca (“jewel of the Sun” in mapudungun) is inserted into an area where the winds from the Pacific Ocean accumulate in the mountains and reach more frequency, keeping slopes of the volcanoes with snow from June to October. You may reach to it across a road of coigues and ancient lengas, Myrtle, and ferns of the Valdivian rainforest.

Antillanca has 32 km of skiable domain and 14 tracks of different difficulty levels: easy, intermediate, advanced, expert, and off-piste. For skiers of interme- diate and advanced range there is the area of Flecha y Don Pedro, two lifts that have tracks with slopes that allow to enjoy descents without major risks;While the Huaique attracts experts, as its strong earring and great length offers ideal conditions for developing a more daring ski.

The slopes and ledges of Antillanca are ideal for lovers off-piste skiing and snowboarding. The edges

schools, rental and workshop equipment, boutique, games rooms, cinema, sauna, heated pool, kindergarten and discotheque. Just steps away from the ski slopes, the 167-room hotel offers to its guests great comfort and a suggestive gastronomy, as well as generous common spaces that encourage family recreation and visitors meet.

In summer, it becomes Antillanca Outdoor, an ideal place for those who like the practice of ecotourism and adventure tourism. The stage where the resort is located allows the practice of various activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, visit volcanic caves, navigation on lakes and ponds, among others.

69 km from the city of Puerto Montt, Osorno volcano - which reaches the 2,662 masl-, is another of the important referen- ces of the region for winter sports. This emblematic and steep volcano, during

Foto: Centro de Ski Antillanca

the months of summer and autumn It is permanently climbed by hikers and whose heights offer spectacular panoramic to Llanquihue and T odos los Santos lakes, is transformed into the winter season in one of the most modern ski centers of Chile.

Winter resort, with a skiable area of about 600 ha, presents three bases (Enlace, Primavera y Glaciar), 12 tracks of varying difficulty - easy, medium, hard and expert - and two ski lifts, allowing you to get up to 1.672 meters above sea level.

In addition to skiing and snowboarding, the volcano offers varied winter activities, such as the snow car - vehicle transpor- ting tourists to snow-covered areas of this and what would be inaccessible through other means; tubing, downhill snow on Board of a kind of raft; tours wearing Snowshoes and other activities to explore different areas of the volcano, such as the crater called Rojo.