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On April, 2013, seven friends, sitting around a table and drinking beer, talked about something that was usually the topic of their talks: racing down the mountain or what today is known as trail running. They were sea- soned runners of these wild ultramarathons – which consider different surfaces and altitudes – and they were celebrating their performance in a test carried out in San Martín de Los Andes, Argentina, Here they were when those strange bursts of lucidity that

In the foothills of Casablanca volcano, located in Puyehue National Park and only 98 km away from the city of Osorno, the winter resort of Antillanca - 1.015 meters above sea level - is a beautiful and cosy place to practice winter sports in the South of Chile. Opened in 1951 by the Club Andino Osorno, Antillanca (“jewel of the Sun” in mapudungun) is inserted into an area where the winds from the Pacific Ocean accumulate in the mountains and reach

Chile is perceived by ornithologists as an excellent destination to see birds due to the large number of species that inhabit or that regularly roam the country and reaching around 500 varieties. For this reason, increasingly more fans of the bird watching - English name that referred this activity - arrive to Chile to incorporate some species to their list of watched birds. Los Lagos, specifically, is one of the best suited regions to develop this passion, thanks to a number

Los Lagos District, has unique natural characteristics, mainly by offering landscape diversity, and which includes a significant amount of mountains, national parks, lakes, rivers, glaciers, ancient forests and volcanoes, as well as an archipelago of singular attraction consisting of a large island and a group of small islands. It is a scene of particular natural beauty and whose cultural background has rich ethnographic and historical elements mainly derived from manifestations of huilliche people (mapuche from south), the Spanish heritage, contributions