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Historic tourism – Puyehue – Antillanca

Located a little bit more than 80 km from Osorno, through the international route 215, Puyehue National Park is one of the protected areas of the country that receives the most visitors during the year. This is due to the excellent road connectivity towards the attractive region and to its great variety of tourists.

lt is a perfect place for those who love natural adventures and the activities found in nature. They are in the area of Anticura (4km from Samoré Cardinal customs), famous for its paths that will connect you with different waterfalls: Indio Waterfalls, Repucura, Princesa, Novios, and Puma Lookout. The place is flanked by the Puyehue Volcano, Caulle mountain range and the valley of the GolGol River. There are guided expeditions to Caulle mountain range, where you will see evidence of a recent eruption, and spectacular views of Casablanca volcanoes, Puntiagudo, Osorno and Tronador Hill. The adventure takes two days.

18 km from Anticura, along the 215 route, you will find the Puyehue Hot Springs, which is considered the first "all inclusive" five star hotel in Chile. lt is a classic hotel, founded in 1947 and offers a great variety of services, food, thermal swimming pools and activities for guests.

Close to the hotel, only 4 km distance, you can find the Aguas Calientes Hot Springs. The complex is on the border of the Chanleufú River and has a hostel, barbecue area, 26 cabins, 2 camping areas and information booths about the flora and fauna of the area. ln the summer you will be able to practice activities like sport fishing, water sports, and trekking. Picnicking is also popular. ln winter you can go skiing at the ski center and Antillanca Mountain, located less than 20 km away. Located at the foot of Casablanca volcano this ski center has four ferry cables and a ski lift. The peak ski season is from Juneto mid-October.